Sunday, 12 August 2012

August Wishlist!

Hello Everyone,

This blog post was meant to be an Empties post (all about the products I have completley used up) but at the moment my boyfriend and his brother are laying the floor in our bedroom and stress levels are certainly rising up there (as well as voices) so I didn't think me going up there to get some empty packaging and getting in the way would go down to well.

I didn't want to leave it another day without postting so instead I am going to do an August wishlist.  This probably should have been done at the start of the month but as I have only just started my blog I didn't think you would mind too much if it's a little late.

I havn't done a wishlist blog post before so I am not entirely sure of the best way to do it but I am sure over the next few months I will get the hang of it so at the moment it's just trial and error.  I am going to select one item from each area that I want to talk about, this will make sense as you read further so lets just get started.....


I've never tried anything from Kerastase before so if I was going to put something on my wishlist for hair it would be from that brand and the item (after much careful thinking and choosing) would be the *NEW* Elixir Ultime with Moringa for damaged hair.  I wouldn't say my hair was damaged but it is a little on the dry side and does tend to take a bit of a beating with heat appliances.  Priced at £29.35 on the Feelunique website it is a little on the pricey side for just a fragranced hair oil but I've heard such amazing things about this brand that I'm assuming it's got to be worth it.


I know I am way behind practically EVERYONE but I am still yet to try the Bioderma Crealine solution so this is top of my skincare wishlist.  Its meant to be extremely difficult to get a hold of here in the UK though I have seen many sellers for it on EBay and also here on Amazon priced at £19.36 for 500ml.

This was a difficult one, not only are there numerous types of products for your body such as body wash, exfoliator, bubble bath, body lotion etc but then inside those catagories the products are ENDLESS.  After much careful consideration I went for something that would perhaps be a little easier to get a hold of than my skincare item and at a more reasonable price than my hair care item.

I ended up choosing Happy Hippy hair and shower gel from Lush.  I've seen it mentioned numerous times by the ever so lovely Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter.  (Find her blog here and her youtube channel here.)  This is her favourite shower gel from lush and the way she describes it and the fresh zesty grapefruit scent sounds like it would be right up my street.  Prices range from £3.15 for 100g up to £10.75 for 500g and it can be purchased from Lush stores on Lush online here.

Nail Varnish

After blogging about the OPI *NEW* Germany collection earlier in the week I thought it would be appropriate to choose a nail varnish from there but couldn't decide which one.  Then I stumbled across this little collection of 4 mini polishes from the Germany line on the BeautyBay website.  The four colours included are:-
Don't Pretzel my buttons - A gorgeous nude colour
Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine! - A grey with olive and black undertones.
Unfor Greta Bly Blue - A stunning deep blue with shimmer.
Suzi And The 7 Dusseldorfs - A purple shimmer.
Priced at just £12.95 for the set of four 3.75ml nail varnishes you just can't go wrong.  Pick yours up here.


My wishlist of make-up goes on and on for as long as my arm so choosing just one item has proved very difficult.  After much consideration I FINALLY settled on a mascara.  Raved and raved about in the beauty world it could only be one...Yves Saint Laurent Shocking Volume mascara.

Priced at £23.00 with free delivery from the FeelUnique website its a definate must have in the beauty world.  The most difficult part of placing your order is deciding which shade to buy.  Get yours here.

Thats it for this months wishlist.  Sorry if it was a bit of a long boring blog post, I will perhaps try a different way next month.  Whats on your wishlist this month?

Next blog post will be my first Empties one and will be up either tomorrow or Tuesday.

Thanks for reading everyone.
Speak soon

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