Friday, 11 July 2014

Lifestyle| 100 Happy Days - Day Six

100 Happy Days - Day Six

Sitting down with my laptop, kindle vouchers I had for my birthday and Books I want to read notepad and ordering a load.

I was lucky enough to receive £65 in Kindle Vouchers for my birthday and have gone through and ordered a total of 25 books....I am well impressed.

I managed to finish buying all the books from my favourite authors so I am all up to date on them and then still had £40 left over to buy books from Authors I have never read before so I have a lot of books to read to keep me going.

I am super excited.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Lifestyle| 100 Happy Days - Day Five

100 Happy Days - Day Five

Arriving home from work to a delivery of clothes that I ordered online.

You can't beat new clothes and these are even more exciting because I have recently taken a plunge and ordered a lot of clothes that I wouldn't normally go for.

The above picture is of a black floral design playsuit.  Never before have I worn a playsuit, I am a larger girl and do not have any self confidence but for the past month I have been on a healthy eating and exercise plan and have ben gradually losing a few pounds.  I will be doing some blog posts on this to track my journey so keep an eye out for those.  As I was saying a playsuit is not normally something that would draw me in but I saw this online and couldn't resist.  I can wait it with tights and a blazer to work and wear it without tights and a denim jacket at the weekend.

Thanks for reading,

Speak Soon,

Natalie xoxo

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Lifestyle| 100 Happy Days - Day four

100 Happy Days - Day Four

Hello Everyone,

This is my happy day four picture.

I set up a Youtube channel back at the start of May and happily posted one video, then my laptop died.  Completely wouldn't work, I was using Windows Movie Maker to edit and it stopped working and then it decided it no longer wanted to connect to the internet.  It was my birthday at the weekend and I was lucky enough to receive a brand new Apple Macbook Air complete with iMovie and full working internet connection.

I uploaded a video yesterday and am happy today as I have just logged on and I have some views (not very many but it still excites me) and also someone has given it a thumbs up.

This excites me greatly and I cannot wait to make more videos and to get better at it.

Thanks for reading,

Speak Soon,

Natalie xoxo

Lifestyle| 100 Happy Days - Day 3

100 Happy Days - Day three
This post is a day late, I am really sorry and I promise that won't happen again.

Yesterday which was actually day three we went for a post birthday treat with Dans Mum.  We went to an ice cream parlour that has opened in our local area called Sprinkles.  The sell all different types of ice cream and sorbet flavours including Forrero Roche, Jaffa cake and Jammie Dodger.  They also sell sundaes, crepes and waffles.

This is a picture of what I had yesterday, the M&M waffle.  A HUGE thick waffle, smothered in peanut butter and hot chocolate sauce, sprinkled with peanut butter M&M's and with Nutella ice cream on the side.

It was amazing even though I did only manage to eat half of it!

Thanks for reading,

Speak Soon,

Natalie xoxo

NOTD| L'oreal Color Riche - So Chic Pink

I placed a super drug order about a week ago and took advantage of there buy 2 get one free on L'oreal products by ordering some new summer nail varnishes.  This was one of them.  On the website it looked completey different to how it does in real life but I still really really like it.

It is a beautiful orangey/coral/ pink hybrid and unlike anything I have in my collection.  The L'oreal colour riche nail varnishes come in tiny sleek rectangle shaped bottles with a classy gold lid making them perfect for travel as they don't take up too much space.

They apply effortlessly.  The brush is just the right size to coat the nail in two strokes and applies just the right amount of product without over applying.

It dries fairly quickly and I help it with a top coat and a speed dry spray (more on this soon).  It is touch dry in under a minute but can still be a little soft so I tend to not do anything to strenuous with my hands for a little while after painting my nails.  This is not something strict to this product, I tend to do that with all nail varnishes.

I took it off after 4 days of wear so not 100% certain of its whole wear time but when I took it off it was still looking perfect with no cracks, chips or other signs of wear.

I really like this nail varnish and will certainly purchase more from this range.  They have a brilliant colour selection and something for everyone.

Thanks for reading,

Speak Soon,

Natalie xoxo

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Youtube Upload| Monthly Favourites - June 2014

Hello everyone,

Just a quick post today to let you know that I have uploaded a video to my Youtube Channel.

It is my June monthly favourites, a little on the late side but I am super excited about it as I have not done a favourites video before.

I hope you enjoy it.

Please leave a comment and don't forget to hit the subscribe button to keep up to date with future uploads.

Thanks for reading/ Watching.

Speak Soon,

Natalie xoxo

Monday, 7 July 2014

Lifestyle| 100 Happy Days - Day Two

100 Happy Days - Day two

My day two photo was taken the afternoon with my family who live in Wales and I don't get to see very often.  My auntie had made me a homemade birthday cake and decorated it with loads and loads of different chocolates.  Everyone sang happy birthday to me and after blowing out the candles we all had a was delicious.

Thanks for reading,

Speak Soon,

Natalie xoxo