Monday, 13 August 2012

Empties #1

Hey everyone,

This is my first Empties blog post so I hope I do it ok and you enjoy.  These are the products I have used up over the past few weeks.  I will tell you a bit about each product and if I will be repurchasing them or not.

I received this set of minatures skin care in one of my Glossyboxs a couple of months back and I have finally used them up.  I normally have a very tight skin care routine with not much change going on as I have finally found a routine that works well for me and my skin but after seeing these were from Dermalogica and I have been wanting to trry there skincare for some time I decided to give it a go.  The little kit includes a foaming face wash, a toner (in a spray bottle) and a day time moisterizer with spf 15 all aimed at morning use for a "Clean Start".  While I enjoyed using the products and found the scent of each one very pleasant they are not something I will be repurchasing, just due to the fact that I didn't notice anything spectacular in my skin after using them.  They didn't do anything special, they were just very normal, mundane products.

Now what I class as a "boring product"...Deoderant.  I finished two cans/bottles of deoderant this month.  Garnier minieal Visicalm 48hour protection (left) and Sure Bright fragrence collection 48 hour protection (right).  Both of which I shall be repurchasing.  I hate the deoderants that have that weird chalky scent and I really struggle to find deoderants with a scent I can enjoy.  Both of these smelt really yummy.  The garnier one had a very fresh florally fragrance with undertones of something quite citrussy and the sure one is very girly and florally.  Both of these can be picked up from your local supermarket for just a couple of pounds.

Two products from my bathroom that I finished this month.  Firstly is my Gilette Satin Care shaving gel for sensitive skin.  Not much to say about this product, its just your average gel that foams up formula.  I have already re-purchased this as I have really sensitive skin and I find this one does work well with my skin.  The product on the right is a bubble bath.  Its by Radox from there Spa range and is the rejuvenate one.  I picked this up for around £2 at my local supermarket and will definatley be buying it again.  It has green tea and Jasmine oil in it and just has a really soapy, fresh, clean fragrance.

The final empty product is this lipgloss by Barry M.  Its number 4 and is my favourite go-to every day lipgloss.  Its a very pale barbie pink with a very fine silver glitter running through it.  Not everyones cup of tea but for me it is a must have.  I have gone through numerous tubes of this and always buy a new one before my old one runs out, if I can't decide on a lip product to wear I always end up putting this on.  You can get this from Boots here for just £4.49.

That's it for my first Empties post.  I will save any other product empties and every time I have 5 or 6 products to show you I will write a post.

Thanks for reading everyone

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