Friday, 24 August 2012

My Current Every Day Hair Care Routine

Hello Everyone,

So I decided for todays blog post I would tell you all about my hair care routine and the products I use.  It may seem like I use alot of different products or it may not but not all of these products get  used every single day but they do get used frequently enough to be classed as my every day hair care routine.  I also use some other products on my hair which I will mention throughout this blog but will go into those in more detail in a blog post of their own.  One of those products is an overnight hair treatment.  I use one about once or twice a week and have a few different ones in my stock that I choose from.  I will do a seperate blog post about them in the future.

Firstly to start my hair care routine I wash and condition my hair.  I try not to do this every single day as it's not great for your hair and you can end up stripping it of its natural oils which are crucial for your hairs growth and condition.

I have been using this Shampoo and Conditioner for about 2 months now and am really enjoying them and they have been re-purchased a couple of times now.  To the left is my shampoo and to the right is my conditioner.  Both of which are by John Frieda and are both part of the Sheer Blonde range but they are from different lines within that range.  Starting with Shampoo which is part of the Go Blonder range.  It is a lightening shampoo for all Blonde hair and claims to gradually lighten your hair colour.  Its a gentle formula with citrus and chamomile.  I have naturally blonde hair but feel that at times the colour can look a little dull but I have found since using this combination of shampoo and conditioner the colour has improved greatly and now looks naturally brighter and sun-kissed.
I follow shampoo with my conditioner which I leave on my hair for around 5 minutes.  Im using the Highlight activating moisturising conditioner.  I feel this works great on my hair as its targeted for Blondes that need some moisterising which my hair certainly does.  It is full of Jojoba oil, sunflower and white tea and leaves my hair feeling alot healthier.  I also use a hair mask once or twice a week but again this is something I will do a seperate blog post on.

When I get out of the shower/ bath I firstly towel dry my hair.  Once thats done I apply one pump of the product on the left.  Another John Frieda product this time from the Frizz-Ease range and it's the Extra Strength serum.  I apply this all through my hair before brushing and it helps to keep Frizz at bay.  Once my hair is brushed I move on to blow-drying.  To me a really important factor in hair care is heat protection so before I attack my hair with my hair dryer I cover it in a blow-dry spray.  This changes all the time. I always have one on the go but when it runs out I don't always buy the same one.  The one I am currently using is James Brown Blow Dry Spray which I am enjoying.  I do find that sometimes it can leave my hair with a bit of a sticky residue so not sure it's something I will buy again.

Once my hair is dry I use this little beauty.  This is probably my favourite part of my hair care routine.  This is (again) another John Frieda product from the sheer blonde range.  This is the Gleam Creme and has become to be one of my holy grail products.  I use a small pea-sized amount, rub it in my hands and then run my hands through my hair.  The only way I can describe this product is its like a moisteriser for your hair.  It leaves my hair feeling super soft and nourished.  You have to try this if you havn't already.  You can buy it here.

The next step in my hair care routine is styling.  I decided to go with the way I do my hair more often which is just to quickly run the straighteners through it.  To start I obviously protect my hair against the heat and to do this I am currently using Lee Stafford Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist.  I am loving this product and will definitley re-purchase this in the future but at the moment there are a few other heat protectants on my wish list I want to try.  You can buy this here.  While I am straightening my hair I select a few random peices and spray them with the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Spray which activates with the heat to produce natural looking highlights.  I buy this from my local supermarket.

On to the final part of this very long blog post....Finishing touches.

I firstly use the product on the left.  Avons Advance Techniques Dry Ends Serum.  I use about half a pump, rub it between my fingers and carefully apply this to the ends of my hair.  Careful not to apply to much because it can make your hair look and feel greasy (not good if you have just spent ages washing and cleaning your hair).  This really helps the ends of my hair look and feel alot healthier between cuts.  You can buy this from Avon here.  I follow that by washing all the product off my hands and then use 2-3 drops of the MOP glisten shine drops.  (Another product that can leave your hair looking and feeling greasy if over used).  I rub this between my hands and gently rub my fingers through my hair to leave them looking super shiny.  I don't know how but this product captures the light and reflects off your hair leaving it super shiny looking (L'Oreal ads look out lol).  You can buy these from Feel Unique here.
 Thats it for my current hair care routine.  Like I said I know it may seem like I use alot of products but this little routine seems to work for me and my hair.
What products could you not live without in your hair care routine?
Speak Soon
Natalie xxx

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