Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Nail of the day - Chanel Pirate

Hello again lovelies,

I have another post for you now, this time NOTD (Nail of the day).  Again another quicky blog post thats easy to write and easy for you to read.  I'm going to firstly apologies for the photo before I carry on, I had to take this at night with the light on so it is not a brilliant photo but from now on for NOTD posts I will try and take the photo in the morning BEFORE I go to work when its lighter outside rather than when I get home and its dark.

I love nail varnish in general and have a few favourite brands but if I had to pick just one it would be the ever so classy Chanel.

There nail varnishes are all of the highest quality.  The Opaqueness is brilliant, just 2 coats to get a brilliant high coverage finish but if you were in a rush then one coat would do the job.  The texture of the nail varnish is again one of my favourite, they are not too thin and runny and not gloopy at all, just an utter dream to work with and apply to your nails.

Once applied if left they last a good week (With base and top coat) before any signs of chipping but I generally paint my nails more often than once a week anyway so they never really chip anyway.

This colour in particular is my ideal, go-to shade.  Its a classic red.  Red is always a very lady-like, classy colour and always reminds me of my grandmother as I was growing up.

There is no shimmer or glitter to this colour, just a normal red.  I have a few different Chanel Red's, some are more orange toned, some are more pinky but this is just a deep classic red and one I return to time and time again.

I simply cannot say enough good things about not only this nail varnish but of Chanel nail varnishes in general.

Do you have a favourite red? Or a favourite Chanel you think I should check out?

Thanks for reading,

Speak Soon,
Natalie xxx

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