Friday, 25 January 2013

NOTD - OPI Pink Flamenco with Barry M Black Shatter

Hello Everyone,

NOTD post yet againg, I got a little behind on these this past week so trying to catch up, expect a coupld more over the next few days and then I should be back on track with just one NOTD post every 2-3 days or as and when I paint my nails.

Today I started with OPI - Pink Flamenco and then put Barry M Shatter polish on top.  I won't go into too much detail about the OPI colour as I will review that properly when I next wear it on its own so instead this will be more about the shatter polish.

If you read my last NOTD post I started to do them a bit differently by splitting it into 5 different catagories but thats a bit difficult to do with this shatter one as it doesn't really need much explaining on colour pay off etc so instead I am just going to write about it and will carry on with the catagories when I write about a normal nail varnish.

I find these types of shatter polishes very tricky to apply.  You have to be quick as it dries very quickly and can go gloopy on the wand if your not careful.  You can also only apply one coat otherwise it won't work which again can be very tricky.  The wand doesn't easily put a coat of the shatter polish over your whole nail so I would do one half and then do the other but even doing this is hard as if the polish meets in the middle it won't work very well.

I do find the shatter polishes to be a lot of hard work to get it looking just right and when I look at the finished result I just don't think its worth it.  I do like the look, Its different and adds a different dimension to the every day polish look but I just don't think it's very me. There is something about it I can't quite get my head around...I see it on other people and think it looks lovely, new and edgy but with me I think it can just look a bit scruffy!!!

What do you think of the shatter polishes?

Thanks for reading,

Speak Soon,
Natalie xxx

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