Tuesday, 30 April 2013

REVIEW - Rimmel - Match Perfection Foundation

I personally love Rimmel foundations, I have all of the liquid ones (A review of each will be up on the blog over the coming weeks).  I bought this one not long after its release so I have definatly given it a good test run in all sorts of situations and circumstances.

This is the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation and this particular one I am shade Classic Ivory.

The foundation comes in a glass bottle with a pump dispenser (typical for Rimmel and personally my favourite type of bottle).

I have tried applying this foundation using two different methods:- Hands and a standard foundation brush.   The foundation is a liquid foundation and in my opinion the most liquidy of all the Rimmel foundations but not so runny that you can't work with it.  When applying with my fingers I found it easy to blend and was a quick application process.  With the amount of product i used the coverage was sheer - medium but could have been medium if i used more product.  I applied concealer and oowder and was impressed with the natural look i was left with.  It left a certain amount of natural glow shine through the foundation leaving me with a natural, radiant complexion.

Application with a brush was again very simple and easy, the product blended well and worked well with my standard sephora foundation brush.  Using a brush left me with a higher coverage but still natural enough that I had a nice glow.


The longevity of the foundation varied depending on the situation I was in.  During the week when I was working I would apply the foundation at about 7am and would need some powder around lunch time to get me through the rest of the day and battle the shine but as I suffer from Oily skin and the foundation is not targetted at oily skin I was expecting that.  The coverage started to noticeably wear off during the later part of the afternoon just before home time.

When I tried this foundation at the weekend though it was a different story.  I suppose as I am not rushing around so much the product seemed to last longer on my skin.  The finish of the foundation lasted pretty well until around mid afternoon before it needed touching up with powder.  After a quick touch up it then lasted through to the evening until I was ready to take it off before my shower.

Overall if you suffer from oily skin and are happy with a touch up through out the day with powder then I can easily reccomend this foundation.  Personally the coverage of this foundation is better for me on good skin days and leaves me looking fairly natural and effortlessly radiant.

If you have tried this foundation then please let me know what your thoughts were especially if you have a different skin type to me!

You can pick this up from Boots here for £6.99.

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