Monday, 29 April 2013

Soap & Glory - Sugar Crush Body Wash

I am a huge fan of Soap & Glory as a general brand. My favourite scent is there signature scent which is common across a few of there products including The Righteous Butter, Hand Food and they now have a perfume with that scent. Recently (Over the past 2-3 months) I have been spreading my wings into other scents and products from the brand, one of which I am telling you about today.
It is one of there body washes in the big pump dispensers which I personally love but I will get onto that in a minute. The body wash is called Sugar crush and is the most amazing scent and could not be more perfect for summer. It is a really sweet, zesty lime scent which really awakens you as your using it. The scent smells gorgeous as you’re using it in either the bath or the shower (I use this in both). The only downfall to this is the scent doesn’t linger on your skin once your out the shower and dried but this doesn’t matter too much because they do a body butter in the same scent so you can always pop that on once your ready if you want the scent to linger.
Moving on to the dispenser, it is in the typical soap & glory large pump dispenser that most of there body washes and also some lotions come in. Easy to use in both the bath and the shower without being messy or getting product all over the bathroom. I tend to use a couple of pumps for my arms, a couple more for my chest, another couple for my body and then a couple for each of my legs.
The results of this product are not outstanding but by no means disappointing. The product does as it should. It leaves my skin feeling freshly washed, clean and soft. The product itself is white and very creamy. It feels moisturising on the skin and foams up rather nicely and as mentioned before smells absolutely divine. I get out the bath or shower and feel clean and refreshed and my skin is not left feeling dry, it just feels nourished and looked after. I pop on some body lotion/ butter and am good to go.
Overall I am extremely happy with this product and can’t wait to try more of Soap & Glory’s body washes and scents, and more of there other products…to be honest just any more Soap & Glory really as they are one of my favourite brands and I am so happy I have ventured away from there signature scent to discover more from the brand.
You can buy this from Boots here for £6.50 but Boots often have 3 for 2 on all Soap & Glory Products.

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