Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Katie Holmes Make-Up Collection

Katie Holmes is in my opinion effortlessly chic.  I can't remember ever seeing her in dark or heavy make-up, instead she favours the natural look and uses lots of classic nude shades.  Women all over the world try for the 'just jumped out of bed naturally gorgeous' look and now we may just be able to get it.

Back in September Katie Holmes became the face of Bobbi Brown and now it has been revealed that a new line of make-up will be released called Bobbi & Katie.....cute.

The collection is rumoured to include an eyeshadow palette, two pot rouges and an eye pencil all in natural, earth type colours that will make it easier for you to achieve that much wanted 'natural' look.

The collection is going to be focused and designed for busy women.  Women of the world are juggling work, children, husbands, friends, family, a home and many other things and just don't have the time to spend every morning getting ready with a vast array of make-up so this collection is aimed at speeding up the process whilst leaving you with a naturally effortless look.

This new collection will be released in September and sold wherever Bobbi Brown is currently stocked.  Not sure if this release date is for both US and UK but as soon as I find out you will be the first to know.  Once the make-up line has launched Bobbi Brown and Katie Holmes will set to work creating a skin care line....excited much???

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