Saturday, 24 August 2013

Review:- Eve of St.Agnes - Revive and Renew - Hydrating Facial Silk

Eve of St. Agnes - Revive and Renew - Hydrating Facial Silk - £28 - Here.
I received this sample in a Beauteco Box either last month or the month before (I can't remember).  I am on the hunt for my perfect skin care routine and though I feel I have most of it nailed down there are a couple things I am still on the hunt for so was a little dubious about trying this as I didn't want to start messing with my skin.  None the less I gave this a go so I could review it for you guys...dedication I know lol :)
After doing some research on the product I realised this isn't exactly aimed for my skin type.  It states on there website suitable for Normal, Combination, dry and very dry skin...typically I have oily skin so I knew I had to bare that in mind when using this product.

It was quite a sgood sample size that I received, I used it for 2 weeks to give it a thorough testing and still have loads left.  The cream is a really rich, thick consistency and the first time I used it I applied a little too much.  The tiniest amount goes a long way with this product.
I applied it morning and night for the first few days then realised it wasn't really helping make-up stay on so decided it would be used at night time only for me.
Its a white thick cream with a slight tinge of another colour but I can't put my finger on what...maybe green?
Although it didn't really do much for me because it is not targeted at my skin type I can really see this working for wanders for people with dry skin.  It was so nourishing and thick and really felt like my skin was re-hydrated.  Like I have said as I suffer with oily skin it wasn't really for me but I could see this being a hit with you dry skin girls out there.
The only thing I wasn't so keen on with this product was the scent.  It reminded me of older more mature women and then after reading the website and seeing it was aimed at anti-aging I can kind of understand the scent now.  Even the website describes this product as being 'extravagantly scented'.
All in all this wasn't for me but may just be a life saviour if you suffer with dry skin.
Let me know if you give it a go and what you think.
Thanks for reading,
Speak Soon,
Natalie xxx

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