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REVIEW:- No 7 Beautifully Matte Make Up Base

No 7 Beautifully Matte Make Up Base - £10.50 - Here.
I suffer from really oily skin.  I have so many foundations that I absolutely love but don't get to wear very often because they don't last long enough for me to be able to wear to work but this make-up base from No7 may just be about to change that.
I bought this in the hope that it may be able to tackle my oiliness and boy it did not disappoint.  It comes out in a white gel/cream hybrid which I then use my fingers to smooth on to my skin.
You have to work this into your skin fairly quickly otherwise it can tend to leave white patches on your face which make up then clings to..not a good look but if you apply small amounts in small sections and work quick then it glides on like a dream leaving a gorgeous matte finish.
I first tried this with the foundation I normally wear to work.  The foundation in question is the Revlon colourstay and it is my work foundation purely because of its incredible staying power even with my oily skin.  I get a little shine towards the end of the day but other than that it is perfect.
I applied the base and then applied the rest of my make-up as normal and headed on my merry way to work as normal and not expecting much of a difference.  Throughout the day I didn't really take much notice of mirrors or anything so didn't take in my face.
It wasn't until bedtime when I came to removing my make-up I really noticed my face.  I look identical to when I had just done my make-up that morning.  Normally by now even with the Revlon Colour Stay I am a little on the shiny side.  But nope not today..Matte as I could have possibly wanted.  Not the horrible flat sort of matte just a nice non-grease type of matte.
There and then I knew what this make-up base needed - a thorough testing and there was only one foundation that could really test this product to it's limits...Rimmel Match Perfection.
A foundation I truly love for its finished look.  It leaves skin looking natural, radiant and even.  The only downside being the lasting power.  With my oily skin this foundation lasts merely hours so only really gets worn at the weekends when I only need to look good for an hour or two if we happen to be popping somewhere.
So the next morning trial day arrived.  I applied the make up base and on top of that the Rimmel Match Perfection.  Applied the rest of my make-up and headed off to work with my Revlon Colour stay in tow just in case.  Around lunch time I went to the bathroom and took a good look in the mirror revealing a perfect just done make-up far so good.  The real test though would be the end of the day.
I arrived home from work at around 6pm and headed straight for the bathroom.  I prepared myself for the worse and was greeted with the best.  A face that look positively flawless and radiant and completely shine free whilst wearing the Rimmel Match Perfection even after a whole day at work.  I was suitably impressed.
Since then the No7 Beautifully Matte Make-up skin base has taken on a number of foundations and has surprised me more and more every single time.
Now foundations that were previously work-day banned and lived there lives in my Foundation box and only ventured out on the odd occasion when deemed only necessary to look good for a few hours max can now see my place of work without a shiny forehead or greasy nose in sight.
I am incredibly impressed at the lasting power and pure working magic of this primer.  As soon as this runs out I will be purchasing again and can't see this leaving my collection any time soon.
If you suffer from oily skin and struggle to make your make-up last passed lunch time then I would HIGHLY recommend this.
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Speak Soon,
Natalie xxx

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