Saturday, 30 November 2013

Book Review:- Christmas at the Beach cafe by Lucy Diamond

Christmas at the beach café - Lucy Diamond
Back of the book synopsis
After a hectic summer running her beach café in Cornwall, Evie Flynn is looking forward to her first Christmas with new boyfriend Ed – she’s determined that it’s going to be the most perfectly romantic one ever. Cosy nights in front of the fire, spicy mulled wine, mince pies . . . what’s not to love? But the peace is shattered when Ed’s ex suddenly gets in touch again, and then some unexpected guests arrive: Ed’s surly brother Jake and Evie’s heartbroken best friend Amber. Add in the stress of trying to finish her very own recipe book, snow blizzards and family dramas and Evie’s Christmas starts to look as if it’ll be a total turkey. Will any of her festive wishes come true . . . or is this Christmas just a recipe for disaster?

I first read a Lucy Diamond book about 8 months ago, I loved it and am quickly reading my way through them all.  Her writing style is funny and witty with an amazing ability to add emotion and feeling to her writing.  The characters are easy to like and I find myself feeling sad and at a loss when I finish a book.
The latest offering from Lucy Diamond comes in the form of a short Christmas story which happens to be a sequel to the first book of hers I ever read.
I read 'The Beach Cafe' and instantly fell in love with the star of the book Evie Flynn.  The black sheep of the family and super relatable.  I finished the book with a new favourite author and swiftly moved on to another of her books.
When I heard Lucy Diamond was releasing a Christmas Novella based at the beach café that I had grown so fond of I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.  The book comprises of 10 chapters so really is a quick read (I read it in a day).  The story moves at a quick pace understandably but Lucy still delivers the story in an easy to follow manner.
The book picks up with Evie at the start of the festive period, the café is closed for winter and she is planning a quiet romantic Christmas period with her new boyfriend.  She plans the food, though she can't cook so leaves that to her man, plans decorations and new traditions that they will start together.
Things don't all go to plan though when a few uninvited guests turn up and there romantic Christmas seems less and less likely.  The story is fast paced so there are always things happening, you really get to see the traditionalist in Evie and I get excited for her about her Christmas.
Evie is what I would class as a Klutz, very clumsy, and hearing about her little mis-haps made me laugh out loud, much to the amusement of my other half.
All in all a brilliant Christmas read from my favourite author, I just knew she would deliver.
If you haven't read any of her books before I do highly recommend you check them out if chick-lit are your type of read.
10 out of 10 for me!!!!
Thanks for reading,
Speak Soon,
Natalie xxxx

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