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Book Review| Over you by Lucy Diamond

Josie, Nell and Lisa go back a long way – they were flatmates, soulmates and best mates back in their twenties when life was one long party. Five years later, things are different. Josie is married with kids in deepest suburbia, free-spirit Nell has travelled the world, and Lisa is on the path to career glory (and the salary Premiership). A reunion weekend in London seems a great idea to Josie . . . until she discovers something which will change the course of her life forever.

Lucy Diamond is a fairly new addition to my list of favourite authors.  I started reading her books last year some time and quickly acquired all of them.  This was the last one I had to read on my Kindle but I believe one of her first.

The main character in the story is Josie.  A very likeable character and easy to relate to, she is a married housewife and mum to two young boys.  You quickly get to know that Josie and her husband Peter have been together for 7-8 years, are currently trying for another baby which Josie hopes desperately will be a girl and have a very happy normal, mundane married life.

Pete works and Josie stays at home with the boys, doing housework, cooking, tidying up and keeping the boys occupied.  Early on in the book Josie goes to London for a night away from home with her best friends from college leaving Peter at home with the boys alone.

She meets up with Nell and Lisa, all of them have changed a lot over the years since they have last seen each other and they quickly get up to having a fun, girly night in London.  Throughout this part of the book you get to learn a little more about Josies history and past.  Whilst reading I quickly grew to love her friends almost as much as Josie herself. 

When she gets back from her night away things take a turn for the worse and this is when the dramatics and main storyline start.  I don't want to ruin it for anyone that hasn't yet read the book so will stop my run down of the story here and instead get into my thoughts and opinions about it.

Josie has I previously said is very likeable character.  As she has a very ordinary life she is easily relatable and you can understand a lot of her thought processes and things that she does.  Her friends are also quite intriguing characters, one of them I liked a lot more than the other but both are easy to understand characters.  Each of the three women are completely different to one another, each with there own style, goals and ways of life.

Then there is Peter, Josies husband.  My thoughts on him changed dramatically throughout the book.  At the start I quite liked him and had this perfect married bliss image in my head of him and Josie raising there boys together in the suburbs.  As the book went on and one my likings of him gradually got worse and worse and by the end of the book I didn't like him one bit.  I had my reasons as I'm sure you will understand if you have read or will read this book but I won't say now in fear of ruining what happens.

The storyline itself is well written and told with great descriptions of both people, feelings, surroundings and emotions allowing you to really build up an image in your mind everything going on.  The writing style as with all Lucy Diamond books is light and easy to read but with a real depth of emotion to it making you easily drawn in to the characters lives.  It is the kind of book that will keep you hooked whilst being serious, funny and sad all along the way making no room for boredom whilst reading.

Over all I really enjoyed this book,I love the fact that the last chapter is an epilogue as it gives you an insight into what happens with the characters after you leave them in the current end of the story and I like that.

I cannot recommend Lucy Diamond books, she is one of my all time favourite authors and I will soon be purchasing her latest book One Night In Italy.

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