Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow Day Skin Treats

Good afternoon everyone,

As I am sure you are all aware pretty much the entire UK fell victim to a whole load of snow yesterday.  Personally I don't like the snow if I have to go to work and do things but if I can just go for a leisurly stroll and enjoy it then I am one of snows biggest fans.

The reason for this blog post is mainly moisturization.  I normally suffer from oily skin and all of my skin care routine is focused on that, I know that throughtout the winter months full of colder weather many beauty bloggers find there skin gets drier but I am lucky enough to not normally be one of those girls.

After a fairly difficult journey to work yesterday morning, a full day in the office and another difficult journey home I noticed that for the first time in around 2 years but face was really dry and in desperate need of some serious hydration.  Althought this shocked and slightly worried me at first, that passed fairly quickly and I soon became excited at the thought of testing out a sample of moisturizer that I have never had the chance to use before as it is targetted at dry skin.

After a complete body treat I decided to share with you the products I used last night to treat my skin for handling the cold weather with its snow and bitter winds.

This is the product I was super excited to try.  Clinique Moisture Surge.  This is a sample I received a while back and have been desperate to test but just havn't had the chance, this was the perfect opportunity and I must say even after only one use it was definatley worth the wait.  Its a thick gel like formular moisturizer aimed at boosting your skins hydration level and leaves it feeling super nourished and quenched.  A dream product and I would reccommend this to anyone who suffers from dry skin.
Another Clinique product I used on my face was All About Eyes eye cream.  Very similar in colour and consistency to Moisture Surge but this one is also targetted at reducing puffiness and circles.  I used this all around my eye area to leave them nourished and refreshed.
I used the above product on my legs.  This is a really purse friendly item that you can pick up easily from your local Boots.  Its The Palmers Olive Butter Body Lotion.  Its super thick and creamy, sinks into your skin almost instantly leaving it soft, moisturized and feeling very well looked after.
On the upper part of my body I used another Palmers product, this time the original Cocoa Butter Body Lotion.  Again purse friendly and easy to get your hands on.  Its just like the olive one, Thick, creamy and leaves your skin not only very hydrated but also smelling amazing.
My feet got a treat with lashings of Soap & Glory Heel Genius.  A lovely product from one of my favourite brands.  I smothered my feet in this and then popped on a pair of fleesy, warm slipper socks and let my skin soak up the moisture.
My hands also got a Soap & Glory treat with the Hand Food hand of my favourite hand creams of all time.  It smells just like the Righteous Butter, sinks in quickly and leaves your hands soft and girly smelling.
The final product I used was Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream.  I applied this to all my cuticles and then sat back and relaxed and let my products do the work.
What products do you turn to in the winter months?
Have you all been enjoying the snow?
Speak Soon,
Natalie xxx

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