Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Kindle Purchases #4

Hi Everyone,

So this is the third and final part of my recent splurge on Kindle books.  As I have done with the past 2 posts I will just quickly run through the books I have purchased as I will go into more detail once I have read them as I will do a review on each of them.

So jumping straight in:-

When I fall in love by Miranda Dickenson - My first book of hers.
Katy Carter wants a hero by Ruth Saberton.  I have read one of her books before and loved it so just had to get this.
The Charm bracelet by Melissa Hill
The Pollyanna plan by Talli Roland - I'm a huge fan of hers and am gradually making my way through all of her books.
and finally...
How to be a woman by caitlin Moran - not my normal sort of book but after reading the reviews I had to get it.
Thats it for the kindle purchases.  I will post reviews on each of the books and any others i read as I work my way through them.
Thanks for reading,
Speak soon,
Natalie xxx

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