Sunday, 24 February 2013

REVIEW - Maybelline Rocket Volum' Express Mascara

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Not such a new release anymore but the latest in the Maybelline line of Mascaras is the Rocket Volum' Express and surprisingly I didn't rush out and buy it straight away, in fact I wasn't intending on buying it at all due to my already extensive Mascara collection and the constant nagging from my boyfriend on the amount of space my make-up takes up BUT...I caved, I went and I bought.

It comes in the traditional Maybelline Mascara tube, this time in a lovely bang on trend cobalt blue with hot pink writing.  I picked this up in boots for £7.99.

The brush is a lovely thick chunky brush but not too big that it makes it difficult to use and is covered in tiny plastic nibs.
Here are my eyes with no mascara:-
As you can tell from the picture I have pretty mundane eyelashes.  They don't have much natural curl, shape or definition so mascara is a must for me.
One coat
One coat would definatley be enough for an every day look.  It does exactly what it says it should.  Fans out my lashes to create the look of alot more volume than I have naturally, coats all my lashes easily with no clumping and gives a very subtle length to them also.
Two coats
The second coat was easily applied on top of the first coat and gave my lashes that extra bit of definition and ooomph.  There is slightly more volume than the first coat but still little enough to be classy for an every day look.
Over all I really loved this mascara.  It made my lashes look super super nice with no clumps what so ever.  It lasted ALL day with  no fall out and is a true gem in my mascara collection.
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