Thursday, 2 May 2013

NOTD - Barry M Grey + L'Oreal confetti

My NOTD today is using 2 nail polishes. (One colour and one top coat).  Starting with the nail polish I chose Barry M Grey.  Its a mid-tone grey with no shimmer or additional notes to it, just a very basic standard grey.  The application is always from Barry M exceptionally good considering the cheap price tag.  You can get an easily even coating of nail polish in just one coat and then a more intense colour after applying the second.

I let the colour dry and then went in with the top coat L'Oreal Confettis top coat.  A mixture of big and small black and white particles that leave a varied polka dot over the top of our shade. I was very impressed with the application, it was very easy to get an even but varied coating of confetti over the nail and i also noticed there was some very fine glitter running through it...perfection.

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