Friday, 3 May 2013

REVIEW - Burts Bees Citrus Face Scrub

This is the first Burt's Bees product I have tried.  I have used it a few times now and even though my first impressions were not great I have grown to love it.

The first time I used it I was not a fan.  I liked the results but I wasn't a fan the product texture and feel.  Each time I have used it since I have enjoyed it more and more.  It comes in a small glass jar with a metal screw top lid as you can see in the picture above.  With the amount of times I have used it I can tell that this product is going to last a decent amount of time.

The texture and feel of the product is quite an unusual one - not one that I have ever come across before. It is a thick solid lump of product that is tightly compacted into the jar as you can see in the picture below.

You have to scrape the product out with your finger and it remains fairly solid with a crumbly sort of texture.  This is the part of the product that I wasn't a fan of.  It was a very unusual feeling for a face scrub and not one that I am used to at all.  See below for a picture of it on my finger straight from the tub.  It was very difficult getting the product to stay on my finger while I took this photo let me tell you. :)

You then have to add water to the product (on your hand, not in the jar) which then turns the scrub into more of a liquid and the sort of face scrub that I am more familiar with using.  Rub it between your fingers to really get the water and product mixed up and then apply to your face.  I always work in upward circular motions.

The scent of the product is incredible.  It is lemon scented but its not a bitter lemon, it's a really natural, sweet lemon scent.  After washing the product off my skin felt amazing.  So soft and smooth, even my other half complimented me on it.  The scent lingers on your skin but I am not sure how long for as I always apply moisturizer afterwards.

All in all a very lovely addition to my face scrub collection.  The initial feel and look of the product took a bit of getting used to but I am now officially hooked.

I got mine from Feel Unique here for £8.50 including delivery.

Any other face scrubs you think I should try?

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