Sunday, 5 May 2013

REVIEW - MAC - Snob Lipstick

MAC is a world famous make-up brand and one that features in the world of beauty blogging and you-tubing constantly.  Reviews can be found every day for not only there new products and collections but for older items also.  I will be blogging today about there ever so lovely Snob lipstick from there Satin Lipstick line.

The pictures I have taken do not do it justice.  In the pictures it looks like a very pretty baby pink colour which in real life it is but also with a very beautifully done hint of lilac.  Its a matte colour so no signs of sparkle or shimmer which I personally love...especially for wearing to work.  I have had this since around November time and havn't gotten round to wearing all that much but I think with the warmer months now upon us and this will get alot of use.
The lipstick smells incredible, like a vanilla essence type smell and one that makes it a very enjoyable experience to use.  The application is again very good, easy to use and easy to get a good coverage over your whole lip.  I apply it straight from the stick and then use my ring finger to blend it in a bit as the colour can be a little too lilac for my liking if it is very strong.

The colour lasts pretty well - I apply it at around 730 in the morning and it still looks amazing at around 10am.  At lunch time it has certainly faded but left a subtle hint of colour across my lips so I just top it up after I have eaten and it then lasts again until I finish work for the day.
My only bug with this lipstick is it can feel a little dry.  I purposefully didn't choose a MAC Matte lipstick for this very reason so wasn't expecting this Satin one to be quite so dry, none the less that was easily resolved by just popping a bit of balm on before or after and it wouldn't stop me buying another one.
All in all I am very impressed by the quality, colour and overall lovliness of this gorgeous lipstick from MAC.
You can pick this up for £14 from all MAC stores, counters or online here.

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