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BOOK REVIEW - Mummy Said the F word by Fiona Gibson

The Blurb on the back

Bambino is a glossy, weekly parenting magazine aimed at ‘yummy mummies’. Their ideal mother always looks immaculate, never lets her children watch TV and only ever eats organic food . . .

So when Cait, a chaotic single mother, becomes Bambino’s agony aunt, she thinks she might be the single worst person to do the job. But despite her early unwillingness, she realises gradually that the women who are writing to her really do need help, and ultimately she finds herself taking her own advice. And things take a romantic turn when she starts a correspondence with a mysterious reader – a single dad who merely signs his name ‘R’ . . .

Meanwhile, her life outside work is complicated by her best male friend, the kids’ dad, and the TV repair man – all of whom seem to be taking an interest in her.

Will Cait ever be able to answer the enormous pile of mail she receives every day? Will she ever stop being irritated by her strangely flirty ex-husband and his awful new girlfriend? And, after all this time, will she be able find true love?"

My Review
I have never read any books by Fiona Gibson before so was intrigued to find out what she had to offer by way if writing and engaging with her readers and I have to say I was suitably impressed.  This book is filled with chaos, madness, laughter and wit throughout and I found it incredibly hard to put down.  It is written in first person which gives you an incredibly great insight into the mind of Cait...the stories leading lady.
Mum of three cait is funny, witty and extremely relatable.  Her honest views on anything from parenthood, relationships, friendships, marriage and sex are exactly what every other normal women out there would be thinking.  From the very start of the book I instantly liked Cait. I laughed with her when she laughed and cried with her when she cried which I think is a good sign of a brilliant writer. Other characters in the book include Martin - personally by most dis-liked character in the whole book because of his sleaziness, over cockiness, the way he treats his kids and most of all what he did to poor Cait who I felt was a real friend of mine.  Millie is Caits good friend and also editer of Bambino parenting magazine....kind of ironic considering she has no kids of her own and doesn't seem to like kids in general very much.  Sam...a character I like desperately, a kind hearted next door neighbour to Cait who has she has formed a true friendship with since his son is friends with her eldest.  Then the kids...Travis her youngest...Mischievous, loveable and hilariously funny, I loved reading about his little escapades. Lola the middle child, a proper little girl, loves her mummy and daddy and is in to all things girly as well as getting down and dirty with the boys. Finally Jake, Caits eldest and what I would describe as a typical older school boy.  Trying to discover his parents limits and extremes as well as being a boy from a broken home that you can't help but feel sorry for.
This book is a very realistic look into the life of a newly single mum and Gibson writes it with such an amazing warmth and humour that I can't wait to read more of her books to see what else she has to offer.  I didn't want to put it down, it drew me in from the very beginning and there was a constant flow of things happening to keep the story alive and enticing.
A must read for parents and non-parents alike.  I can't wait to read more of Fiona Gibsons work as this read was an absolute blast.

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