Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sunday Round - Up

Well what a week,

Its sunday at last and I am currently feeling very full up after a yummy roast dinner so just thought I would round up my week kind of like a weekly diary post and include links to all the blog posts I have written this week so if you have missed any you can always catch up.

I didn't really do much on Monday, I went to work which was very very busy as our systems went down for about an hour so as you can probably imagine our phone lines went off the hook.  At lunch I wandered to Wilkinsons to pick up some cleaning things we needed and then went back to work.  After I didn't really do anything as I was feeling pretty tired after such a busy day so I went home and chilled out.

I was on a late shift on Tuesday so had a bit of a lie in in the morning and then caught up on some Youtube videos from my favourite Youtube people...Would you be interested in seeing a blog post about my fave youtube people?  I had lunch with my mum and we went to this cute little cafĂ© that's opened up down the road from our office and had a cake and a coffee and a long catch up.  Tuesday night me and Dan popped to our local Italian restaurant and had a bite to eat before chilling out at home.

Again I worked all day, I popped to Boots in my lunch hour to have a browse at any new make-up and nail varnishes but nothing really tickled my fancy enough to purchase it so I went back to work empty handed.  Wednesday night I went to my friends house after work and we put the world to rights over a bottle of wine and a packet of smokes.

Back to work again (The life of a 9-5er is oh so exciting).  I went for lunch with my friend Sam, we try to go once a week and its normally on a Thursday.  We went to McDonalds..naughty but very very nice and had a nice chat about his upcoming holiday to Malta...Lucky thing.  Dan picked me up from work today which was a nice surprise and we went to see his Grandad before going home to sort the Dogs and Cat out - Dans parents are on holiday and leaving us in chanrge.

Last day before a 3 day weekend and what a good day it was.  I worked as normal...popped to the shops in my lunch hour and picked up a pair of flat black shoes from New Look for work.  Wandered to Boots and picked up a new foundation to try (Review to follow) and got myself a salad for lunch before heading back to work.  Dan picked me up again and we went to Tesco for some food shopping as I have planned a three course meal for tomorrow night so we went to buy the ingredients.

I woke up terribly early for a Saturday at 630 and hopped straight in the shower.  I left my hair in a towel while I went downstairs to feed the dogs, empty the dishwasher and sort out the cat.  I woke Dan up with a cup of tea at 8 and we took the dogs for a walk across the road to the field and the river.  My nan is moving next Friday so we went and helped her sort out a few things in the morning...after stopping off for breakfast of course.  The rest of the afternoon and evening I spent preparing and cooking a three course meal for Dan.  baked Camembert with home made bread to start followed by Pork loin stuffed with homemade cranberry, apple and onion stuffing, Dauphinois potatoes, orange and honey glazed carrots, broccoli and parsnips and to finish home made toffee apple crumble with home made vanilla ice cream.  I was very impressed with my first attempt at ice cream.

Just a general chill out today, I sorted the animals out in the morning, did some clothes washing and then spent the rest of the day writing blogs and scheduling them for different days through out the week.

Blogs this week
Have a good week everyone, thanks for reading.
Speak Soon,

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