Sunday, 28 July 2013

Accidental Shopping Haul

Hello Everyone,

So after my big splurge for my birthday I intended on putting a shopping ban on myself.  Not a ban where I can't buy anything, I can have the odd treat and of course by necessities but no big spending.  Then my other half and his brother suggested we went shopping and well this happened.....

I stopped by the Chanel counter (Just for a browse) and ended up walking away with two very summery additions to my already to large nail polish collection.  The one on the left is Rose Exuberant.  A gorgeous mid shade bright pink.  It has no shimmer in it so just a matte colour and I think its just a lovely colour for these summer days we are having at the moment.  The colour on the right is Lilus.  A gorgeous Peachy/orange toned coral.  Another stunning shade for summer with a slight shimmer.  Both of these were priced at £18.

Opposite the Chanel counter happens to be MAC.  I went in with the intention of buying another #217 brush so when mine are dirty and waiting to be cleaned I have a spare but they didn't have any in stock so instead I walked away with a Lustre lipstick in the shade Lovelorn.  A gorgeous pink that is ideal for daytime wear.  This was £15.

I went into Boots to pick up some moisturizer as mine was drastically low which you will see below but ended up walking away with the next two purchases also.  The first is this new addition to the Vaseline family.  Its called Spray & Go and is sold as being a quick easy way to moisturize.  I havn't used it yet but will review it when I do.  This was £4.99.

The second naughty purchase was this from Toni & Guy.  Its there Sea Salt spray.  I have never used one before and really want to give one a go so this was the one I chose and walked away with.  This I believe is £7.99.  Again I will review it for you.

This is the reason I went into Boots in the first morning moisturizer of choice.  La Roche Posay Effaclar Mat.  I suffer from Oily skin and I find this to be a good way of moisturizing my skin without loading my already oily skin with more oils.
And that is it for my mini accidental shopping haul.
I will review each product for you but I have a slightly long list of reviews to write at the moment in order of when I got things.  Starting with my superdrug haul and then birthday shopping haul but these will be reviewed as soon as possible for you.
Thanks for reading,
Speak Soon,
Natalie xxx

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