Sunday, 28 July 2013

Empties #4

Hello Everyone,

It feels like I have only recently done an empties post for you but already I accumulated another selection of empty products that need to be shared with you all.  I won't babble on too much. You know the drill by  now.  These are products that I have used up and I will show you each one, tell you a bit about them and whether I will be re-purchasing it again.

Firstly some boring, every day items.  To the left my deodorant of choice. Dove go fresh in the pomegranate and lemon verbena scent.  I am extremely fussy when it comes to deodorant.  I hate the chalky smelling ones and can sometimes suffer from feeling sick with certain scents.  I find this to be so delicious it doesn't even smell like deodorant at all.  I think this is around the £3 mark but they often have offers on in Boots or Superdrug and I sometimes get it from Wilkinson as they do offers also.  To the right is my shaving gel I use.  I have used this for years and don't think I will ever use anything different.  Its Gilette Satin Care for sensitive skin.  Not much more to say about that...its a shaving gel and it works.

I finished this shower gel this week.  Its Radox Relax and is aimed at helping you wind down and relax at the end of the day.  I bought this because I thought it might help me to get to sleep as I have been struggling and although it is lovely and I will probably re-purchase at some point, it didn't work magic but then at £2 what could I really expect?

I had these two lovlies in a set for Christmas and have really enjoyed using both of them.  They are both travel sized versions from Ted Baker (The pink range).  To the left is a body spray and to the right a body lotion.  I used to keep the body spray in my bag as it was a quick way to freshen up throughout the day.  The secent was lovely.  I won't go into too much detail trying to describe it as I am awful at that but they are readily available in Boots so go check it out for yourself.  The body lotion was again a lovely product.  It was thick and creamy, left my skin feeling soft and smelling incredible.  I think I will be going to buy the full size version of each of these.
This is another sample size product.  This time of the LancĂ´me eye make-up remover.  I really enjoyed using this.  It was a blue liquid that looked like part oil and part water.  I gave the bottle a shake to mix them together and then applied to a cotton pad to remove all make-up from my eyes.  It does come with a pretty hefty price tag for just an eye make-up remover and there are plenty of cheaper alternatives on the high street so I don't think I will be re-purchasing this just yet.  Eye make up remover is the one step of my skin care routine I am not completely happy with so am still testing and hunting out the right product for me.

Finally the MUA eye primer.  I really loved this product.   For only £2 it works as good as the Urban Decay primer potion.  I used it every day as you can tell from the picture it is pretty well used and battered.  Most of the writing has disappeared from the bottle.  I have re-purchased this already and without going into too much detail MUA have changed the packaging and from the few times I have used it I think they make have changed the formula also.  I have got a review planned for the new packaging this week...without giving too much away I just wish I had reviewed this packaging.
That is all from this empties post.  I hope you enjoyed.
Thanks for reading
Speak Soon
Natalie xxx

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