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Book Review - The Vintage Teacup Club - Vanessa Greene

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Today I am going to do my second book review for you.   If this type of blog post isn't for you then please don't feel like you have to read it just close it now and wait for the next beauty related post.  For those that do want to read it I hope you enjoy.

"At a car boot sale in Sussex, three very different women meet and fall for the same vintage teaset. They decide to share it - and form a friendship that changes their lives . . .

Jenny can't wait to marry Dan. Then, after years of silence, she hears from the woman who could shatter her dreams.

Maggie has put her broken heart behind her and is gearing up for the biggest event of her career - until she's forced to confront the past once more.

Alison seems to have it all: married to her childhood sweetheart, with two gorgeous daughters. But as tensions mount, she is pushed to breaking point."
The Vintage Teacup Club is a debut novel from Vanessa Greene.  Once I had read the book description I knew it was one I had to try and boy am I glad I did.  As soon as I picked this book up and started reading I was instantly hooked.
The book is centred around three lovely women, each with there own heart-warming and sometimes funny story.  They are complete strangers until a certain teacup brings them together and a firm friendship is quickly formed.  The first lady Jenny is engaged to Dan and planning the wedding of her dreams.  Along with her you get to meet her lovely family and of course Dan.  She is planning the wedding in a flurry of emotions when someone from her past enters and causes some problems.  It could be a good thing or it could be a bad thing but I won't give too much away. 
The second lady is Maggie.  A strong and independent women after suffering from a big heart break.  A successful florist who is planning for one of the biggest events of her career when someone from her past re-appears.  Maggie feels she is destined again for her happy ending but could everything from the past just be forgotten and a fresh start happen?
Alison is the lady from the group that seems to have it all.  An adoring husband and two teenage girls, running her own arts and crafts business in a studio attached to her home.  An opportunity arises that Alison wants to be involved in hugely and its after a meeting to do with this she realises things aren't quite as rosy as they seem, along with the strife her children are giving her things gradually start taking a turn for the worse.
The chapters are separated in the book by each individual character so each lady has there own chapter followed by a chapter of the next and so on.  Each leading ladies story is told in there own narrative which keeps the book interesting and fresh.  You learn more about each woman as you read each chapter of theres but also combining the three to get the story of there ever-growing friendship.
The way the book is written made it extremely easy to read.  The women are likeable in there own ways and you instantly feel like you want to join there club and be the fourth person in there ever so lovely friendship.
The descriptive parts of the book are written ever so well by Vanessa Greene so you can really imagine the things that are happening along with the teacups the girls are buying along there journey.  You don't have to have a fondness for teacups to enjoy this book.  The main focus of the book is the new friendship these women are enjoying and teacups just happen to be the starting platform for it.  It really shows the importance of good friends in your life.  Vanessa Greene has done extremely well at making her mark in the literacy world with a book that was easy to read, laugh out loud funny and enjoyable with characters that were likeable and easy to relate to.
As this is her debut novel I haven't read any more of her work but I am intrigued to see what she comes up with next.
You can buy the Vintage Teacup Club in paper back or as an E-Book now.
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