Wednesday, 31 July 2013

NOTD - Maybelline - Forever Strong Pro - Baby Pink

Hello Everyone,

Got a quick NOTD post for you.  I feel I have been lacking in these some what recently.

This is from the Maybelline Forever Strong Pro range, I can't seem to find a colour name or number on it so I'm just going to go with Baby Pink because that is what it is.  Its a really pretty pale baby pink colour which has no shimmer or glitter.  I love the colour but don't wear it very often because I just don't like the application of it.  It is very thick and gloopy which doesn't make for easy application.
It takes about 4 coats to get the opacity shown in the photos and the first couple of coats can be very patchy and difficult to work with.  Once applied and dry the finish looks good but not as good as some other nail varnishes but if you don't look too closely it looks fine.
I'm not sure if it lives up to its seven day wear claim as I don't ever keep it on that long but i wear it for 2-3 days with no signs of chipping or scratching so good sign maybe?
Anyway thank you for reading...told you it would  be a super quick post.
Speak soon,
Natalie xxx

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