Thursday, 1 August 2013

REVIEW:- Tresemme Tousled Wave Spray

Tresemme Texture Style Tousled Wave Spray - £5.49 - Here.
I bought this product a while ago when I placed an order from Superdrug which I hauled here on my blog so if you haven't already then please go and check that out.

I bought this because as summer is now upon us I wanted to try and veer away from using heat products on my hair and wanted something I could spray on my hair, scrunch a little and be good to go.

This is the first wave spray I have ever tried on my hair but I have recently purchased a couple of sea salt sprays that I am desperate to try out so I will also review those for you as they aim to do the same thing as this.

After reading the description of this product and the instructions on how to use it I gave it a go on dry hair first as it can be used on both wet and dry hair and I must say I was hugely disappointed.  I brushed my hair first and then attempted to spritz this product through my hair.  Unfortunatley spritzing wasn't really an option that came easily as the pump dispensed the product in a large squirt instead of a nice spray.

My dry hair now remained dry but with odd wet patched that ended drying crispy and not really in waves at all so instead of natural looking beach type waves I had just my normal hair with unattractive crispy bits in.  I didn't want to give up hope though so decided that I would try again but this time of wet hair.

The instructions on this product said to towel dry hair as normal and then spray the product throughout the ends and then either leave to dry naturally or dry gently with a hairdryer.

So that is what I did...

First attempt:- Leaving hair dry naturally.
I did as the bottle instructed and towel dried my hair, spritzed the product throughout (again due to the pump dispensing the products in squirts much easier said than done).  I then left my hair dry naturally.  Once my hair was completely dry I was again left really disappointed.  My hair just looked like I had let it dry naturally without using the product.  There was no difference at all, I may as well have not used the spray.  On the plus side my hair wasn't left feeling crispy. I decided to give it one last go and this time dry gently with a hair dryer.

Second Attempt:- Drying gently
I don't even know where to start.  Exactly the same outcome as when left to dry naturally.  No difference between using this product and not using this product.

Overall I would not recommend this product.  I am left feeling bitterly disappointed as I had such high hopes for this, especially with it being from such a huge well known hair care brand.

I will not be purchasing this again :(

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