Thursday, 11 July 2013

Empties # 3

Hello Everyone,

Got a quick empties post for you today just to show you a few things I have used up recently and give you a quick run down on if I enjoyed using them and if I would repurchase etc.

Over the next few days I have a few birthday related blog posts for you:- What I got for my birthday, Birthday Shopping Haul (I went to London for a shopping spree) and what I did for my birthday (Including some pictures of a gorgeous little village called Castle Coomb.  I have ALOT of products to review for you over the next month or so from my recent Superdrug haul, Beauteco box, Birthday presents and birthday haul so going to be a busy time on the blogging front but I am excited to review each item and have started making lists etc so I don't forget anything.

On to the empties haul though:-

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover - I love this stuff.  It claims to take nail polish off in 1 second which it doesn't but it is still a quicker and easier way of removing nail polish.  I give the bottle a little shake to soak the sponge in the product, put my finger in and twist it around until all the nail varnish is removed and its done.  No cotton wool left in the bin to smell, no nail varnish remover scent over taking my living space, just quick and easy.  I purchased another of these right away here for £4.99.

Again another product that I love and repurchased right away.  Every time I don't use this I forget how wonderful it is until I come back to using it.  As soon as I start using it again I notice my hair looking brighter, shinier and all round more healthy.  I really want to try the deep hair mask treatment version of this.  Again you can pick this up from Boots here for £5.50.

I picked this up in my local Tesco when it was on 3 for 2.  Its a new shampoo by Timotei aimed at oily - greasy hair.  There are no parabens or silicones so over all a very pure shampoo for your hair.  I find my hair gets greasy very quickly, you shouldn't was your hair every day so I do mine every other day but by the time I get to the second day it looks like it needs a wash.  After using this shampoo I didn't see much improvement, I have another bottle to go through before I finally decide if I will be re-purchasing again though.  I am sure you can get this from Boots or Superdrug but I got mine for around £4 from Tesco.

Natural Collection Passionfruit shower Gel - I got this is a gift set at Christmas time from work that came with this shower gel, matching body lotion and a body puff washing thing (Never know what those things are actually called, I mean the round things you use in the bath/shower, you know the thing I mean).  Can't give you a price on this but I think they sell it individually at Boots. Don't think I will be repurchasing this though.  The smell was ok, not amazing but quite nice, it lathered well, again not amazing but did its job.  The scent didn't linger on the skin at all which I always find disappointing with shower gels...Am I expecting too much?
Revlon Colourstay Foundation in Sand Beige - OMG don't even know where to start with this foundation.  It is the only foundation I have until recently been able to wear to work that stays put ALL day with my oily skin.  (I have recently found a primer that now makes ANY foundation last all day on me that I can now see becoming a staple in my make-up bag as it has finally given me the opportunity to wear foundations that were normally kept for times when I only needed to look good for a couple of hours but more on that later).  If you have oily skin I highly recommend trying this if your struggling to find a foundation that will last all day.  It is on the pricier side of high street foundations coming in at £12.49 but in my eyes worth every penny.
Treaclemoon - Those Lemonade Days hand wash.  Again another item that I picked up in my local Tesco.  The treacle moon products are amazing dupes for the philosophy products, same type of packaging, same cute names etc etc.  This was a lovely hand wash that I really enjoyed using.  It smelt incredible and the scent lingered on your hands after washing.  I think I paid around £4 for this huge bottle which lasted around 2 months.
Finally another product that is ideal for oily skin.  This is cheap as chips (I picked a replacement up for £1.99 in Boots the other day which I believe is an offer price from £2.99) and is one of the best powders I have used.  It sets make-up perfectly and doesn't matter how heavy handed you apply it you never get that powdery look to your skin.  It doesn't last all day, I do need to touch up around lunch time but with this new primer that I am using that I can't wait to tell you about even the touching up of powder is becoming less and less.
That's it for today,
Thanks for reading and speak soon,
Natalie xxx

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