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REVIEW:- Maybelline super stay 14 hour lipstick - On and On Pink

This review has been pending for quite some time.  It’s not a new lipstick or a new range or anything like that I just bought it a while ago and haven’t gotten round to writing the review.
This is one of the Maybelline 14 hour stay lipsticks.  Maybelline do about 3 different types of products in this sort of long-lasting range.  They do lipstick which looks like your average lipstick stick type thing, they do a long lasting lip-gloss in a normal lip-gloss type tube and they do a dual ended lipstick which has a lip-gloss style applicator one end to apply the colour and then the other end is a clear balm which you can touch up throughout the day to keep it moist. (I have 2 of these so will also review these for you at some point but have a lot of blogs to catch up on first from my Superdrug Haul and Beauteco box).
I really wanted to get one of these to test out and chose this colour because it’s a strong enough colour to give it a standing chance against it’s 14 hour staying power claim but also not to bright that it was suitable for me to wear to work to give it a real durability test.  The colour is called ‘On and on pink’.  It’s a gorgeous lower end of the brightness scale bright hot pink with blue undertones (Good for helping your teeth look whiter).

It comes in an average looking lipstick tube which is clear at the bottom which makes it easy to see the colour when it is in with the rest of my collection.  The lid is white which can attract some dirt when roaming around in my handbag but that’s not a major issue and doesn’t put me off in the slightest.  The quality of the packaging is fairly good, it feels stable and of good quality.

Once you take the lid off and start to turn the lipstick it is not your average style lipstick tube, I don’t know how to explain it but I’m sure you will know what I mean when you look at the picture below.  Like I said about the colour, it’s a really pretty wearable rose pink shade.  Perfect for me for during the day.  A bright enough colour for it to actually look like I am wearing lipstick without being too dark for work suitability.
Application of the lipstick was really good.  It applied easily and was quite soft in texture. For the next half an hour after applying your lips feel quite sticky, not in an overly sticky way and not necessarily in a bad way, just sort of tacky, I suppose this is to be expected from a long lasting lipstick.  After around half an hour or so that stickiness stops and it just turns into an average matte feeling lipstick.
Something I did like about this lipstick is it didn’t feel heavy on the lips.  It felt as if I had barely anything on.  You can sometimes find with long lasting lipsticks that they can be a bit drying but I didn’t get that from this one.  I applied the lipstick at 730am before leaving for work and have provided you a photo so you can see it when first applied.
10.00am: Since applying the lipstick 2 and a half hours ago I have walked to the bus-stop, had a bus journey, had 2 cups of coffee and done LOTS of talking (My job role is a telephone based role) and so far so good.  I know the picture is not amazing but we are not allowed to take photos at work for security reasons so I had to sneak off into the hallway to take this but I hope you can see that the lipstick is still going good. The colour is strong and still looks nice.  The lipstick is still feeling nice on the lips, not drying or anything and still feels comfortable.  I will update again in a couple of hours before I go on my lunch break
At 12pm I went on lunch and popped into the toilets quickly to take a photo of my lipstick so excuse the not very good photo, bright lights and shadows do not make well for a good photo!  The lipstick is still on and going well.  It has definitely faded but is still obviously there.  Now the colour is fading I am also noticing some glitter left on my lips which wasn’t noticeable when I first applied the lipstick. Since the last time I checked it I have had another coffee, a glass of water and lots more talking. So far am impressed, it has only lasted 4 and a half hours so far so not close to the 14 hours it states but I guess the real test of durability will be once I have eaten.

I checked the lipstick again after eating my lunch.  The colour has faded significantly but I would say it is still very much still apparent on my impressed.
At 3 o'clock after much more talking and coffee drinking I checked the lipstick again and was disappointed to notice it had all gone so didn't bother taking a photo to show you.  There was the odd bit of colour around the edge of my lips but nothing to write home about.
All in all it lasted around 7 and a half hours so just over the half way mark to its 14 hour claim.  Maybe darker colours in this range would stain the lips more and therefore stay put a little longer but I am reasonably happy with the results of this.  I must say though if it is going to claim to stay for 14 hours I probably would expect it to stay a little closer to that time than half way through.  They would have been better describing it as an up to 8 hour stay...I would have been suitably impressed with that.
Would I buy another? Yes I would but probably in a darker shade.
Would I recommend them? Yes I would but would mention to the person the actual lasting time.
You can pick these up in Boots or Superdrug for £6.99.
Thanks for reading,
Speak Soon,
Natalie xxx

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