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What I did for my Birthday - Castle Coomb

Hello Everyone,

If you read my previous post you will know that I have just had my birthday and spent the weekend shopping in London.  The Wednesday after my birthday Dan booked a motorbike track day so as I had time off work we decided to travel up the day before and have a wonder round the village and a general relaxing time.

I took hundreds of photos as I wasn't quite expecting Castle coomb to be quite as pretty as it was and I desperately want to share them with you.  This will probably be a rather nice post to read if your from the other side of the pond as I know you probably don't get to see the quintessentially English village very often.

The drive through to Castle Coomb was pretty itself, twisty and windy country roads dotted with the odd farm and country pub.

And this is Castle Coomb, behind us while I took this photograph is a restaurant and a pub, this is the row of houses and that is it.  It is the tiniest little village I have ever seen.  So cute and compact.  There was one lady who had some tables outside her house selling home made cakes with a little notice on the door saying pop your money through the letter cute!

The only other part to Castle Comb was our hotel.  It had the above electric gate with a long drive way leading to the front.  It was a fairly large hotel with a row of cottages also part of it (Which is where we stayed).  The Hotel is on a fairly large plot of land full of tables and chair, deckchairs, gazebos, a gold course and much more.

This is our hotel as we were heading down the driveway towards it.
Part of the hotel land...huge trees with a pretty Gazebo.  Further on from the gazebo there was also a lake.

Our hotel from the other side, I took this as we were walking to the front reception to check in.

'The Italian Staircase'

One of the hotels lounges where you could sit and have afternoon tea.
The row of cottages which formed part of the hotel on top of the rooms within the hotel.
A cottage door in the town.

The village church....So quaint and cute.
This is the other side of the village.  One of the first pictures was of the row of cottages, well this is what was behind me as I took that.

Our hotel room.  A beautiful wrought Iron four poster bed.

Being the caffeine addict that I am I was super excited to notice we had our own freshly ground coffee and cafetiere.
A beautiful old, vintage wardrobe housed our very own bathrobes and slippers.

The room was full of old, very English furniture.

Steps leading to our bathroom.

Our bathroom was massive.  It had underfloor heating which would have been lovely in winter but did make the bathroom a little too warm for us.

Every beauty bloggers hotel room friend...A make-up desk.

The walk in shower looked like another room in itself.

Jets to throw water over you length ways as well as the huge rainfall shower head.

His and Hers sinks.

My dream...a claw foot bath tub.  I have always wanted one of these and now after trying one out I want one even more.

Our room also had a little office area...Ideal for Dan to catch up on his work and for me to get some photo editing done.

A beautiful tapestry hanging on our wall.
Our cottage name was 'The Grove'.

After taking a stroll around the village which took all of 10 minutes (Its THAT small) we spent the rest of the afternoon/ evening having nice talks and a few drinks in the village pub.

The row of cottages a little later in the evening.

The next day we went to Castle Coomb race track for Dan to take part in a motorbike track day.  Here he is next to his back after just getting back from the sighting lap.

The view from the pit lane across the track and across the field, it was a beautiful day.

Dan zooming passed me on the track...I felt very proud.
That is everything I got up to over my time off for my birthday.
I hope you enjoyed seeing these photos.
Thanks for reading,
Speak Soon,
Natalie xxx

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