Sunday, 14 July 2013

What I had for my Birthday - 2013

Hello Everyone,

Hope your all doing well?

As some of you may know last Friday (5th July) was my 24th Birthday, I had a few days off work to celebrate and had an amazing time in the glorious weather that the UK have been having recently.  I have a few birthday themed blog posts coming up for you starting with this one, birthday shopping haul, Kindle Birthday voucher purchases and What I did for my birthday.

This first birthday themed blog post is What I got for my birthday.  I know these types of blog posts (And videos if on youtube) can be quite controversial so just a bit of a disclaimer to get started:-  I am  not bragging about what I received and if you don't like these types of blog posts then please don't feel the need to read any further.  Please no nasty comments, I am simply writing this because I enjoy these types of blog posts personally as I know so many other people do.

Without any more rambling I am just going to jump straight in and get started.  As these were all gifts I don't know the prices of them, I won't be going into masses of detail about each thing, just a quick run through of what I got.  Any beauty products received will be talked about on my blog once I have had a chance to use them.

Vouchers - Both Dan and my mum bought me a £25 kindle voucher - £50 worth of books is pretty good going and I have already spent it as my books to buy list was as long as my arm.  I will be doing a kindle purchases haul for you soon.  I also got a next voucher to buy some slippers as I love the next slippers (This was also from my mum and dad).

Beauty Products - Dans Mum and Dad kindly got me the Gucci Rush perfume.  I had this years ago and had been desperately eyeing it up again recently so it was a lovely surprise to receive this.  My mum and Dad also got me two of the 17 lasting fix nail polishes in the most gorgeous summer colours - Tropical Island and Pink Grapefruit.  Dan got me a Lush gift box which had inside a bubble bar, bath ballistic, facial  moisturizer, Body scrub and moisturizer.  (I will do a review of each when I get the chance). Finally another present from my Mum and Dad was the Next Summer Dreams perfume.  A gorgeous citrus summer scent.

People who know me know I love my chocolate.  I got a large Toblerone, two Cadbury and Oreo bars, two Cadbury with popping candy bars and a bag of Crunchie Rocks.

My Nanny got me this gorgeous pink Kindle case which is from New Look.  My Grandma got me a bird shaped outdoor candle in a gorgeous blue shade and the box shape to the right is a cute little office accessory.  The top part is full of white note paper and the bottom part is a little drawer.  This is now firmly settled into its new home on my desk.
My Nanny also bought me this gorgeous scarf.  Its made of a really light material so ideal for summer evenings, I couldn't get an amazing photo of it, this is the best of a bad bunch but it is full of pretty pick, red and lilac flowers.

Dan also got me this gorgeous pair of Kurt Geiger flats.  They are black with a pointy toe and are covered in sequins.  Absolutely gorgeous and ideal for adding a bit of excitement to an otherwise mundane outfit - I look forward to wearing these to BBQ's throughout the summer.

Finally I got some Chanel goodies.  My nanny bought me one of my all time favourite perfumes Coco Mademoiselle (far left), next to that is the Chanel Hand cream which Dan kindly got me along with two nail varnishes.  The two he chose were Azure and Bel-Argus.  My great auntie also got me a Chanel nail varnish in the colour Taboo.
I also got some money from relatives and my parents which I took shopping with me when we went to London (more on that in another blog post).
I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend and a great family who buy me such wonderful presents.
Thanks for reading,
Speak Soon,
Natalie xxx 

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