Monday, 5 August 2013

REVIEW:- Andrew Collinge Conditioner for Blondes

Hello everyone,

Today I want to discuss with you a conditioner that I used recently.  It's by Andrew Collinge and is the salon range conditioner for blonde hair.  I always try and use a conditioner targeted at Blonde hair as my hair is naturally blonde and I feel using something like this and help keep the blonde looking its best all year round.

This bottle is fairly large in size and does last an exceptionally long time as I don't tend to use very much.

I was really excited about this conditioner...I normally go for high street brands such as Tresemme or Elvive so this was an exciting product for me but I must say I was left a little disappointed.

I used the product exactly as was stated on the bottle.  When I towel dried my hair it at first felt fine so I left it to dry naturally.  As my hair started to dry the ends felt lovely and soft and I felt confident this was going to be a great conditioner but I then noticed the roots of my hair starting to separate almost and felt a little crispy and felt my heart sink a little.

I assumed it was me not doing something properly so the next time I used this product I tried blow drying my hair but again the same thing happened.  The ends felt lovely and soft and but the roots felt a little crispy and as if they still had product in them.

I again thought it must be me not washing the product out properly so I used the product again and this time took extra special care in washing it out making sure I had every last scrap out.  When it came to drying it I let it dry naturally again and though it wasn't as bad as it had been in previous tried the roots of my hair just didn't feel as clean and as soft as I would have liked.

The fourth time I used this conditioner I used it purely on the ends of my hair and although they looked pretty damn good, and felt incredibly soft the top of my hair didn't look as cared for and as nourished.

I carried on using it like this for a couple of weeks before deciding that it just wasn't good enough.  I want a conditioner that like most others I use I apply to the ends of my hair first and whatever is left on my hands goes onto the roots and around the back so that hair too is cared for and conditioned but this conditioner just didn't do that to my satisfaction.

Around two thirds of the bottle went into the bin in what I can only class as a pure waste of product and money.  I was left feeling a little worse than disappointed and reluctant to try any more of Andrew Collinge products in the future.

You can pick this up from Amazon along with other Andrew Collinge products.  I'm not sure where else you can buy the Andrew Collinge range from.

Have you tried any Andrew Collinge products? did you have any problems or did you love them? I would love to hear what you think.

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