Friday, 9 August 2013

REVIEW:- Maybelling Master Precise Liquid Liner

Maybelline - Master Precise Liquid Liner
 Hello Everyone,
Quick review blog post for you.  I have never reviewed a liquid liner before and to be honest there isn't a massive deal to say about them so I'm just going to sort of bullet point the main concerns with liquid liner and give my opinion on this particular one.
It is a felt tip style liquid liner which basically means the applicator part is like a felt tip pen which is my favourite type of liquid liner.  I find them easy to use and quick to apply.  The last thing I want to be doing in the mornings when getting ready for work is faffing about with a gel liner.  In all honesty I would rather the extra 5 mins in bed or having a coffee with Dan before I have to leave.
This is a black liner and the colour is very good.  It is jet black and not the sort of black liner that leaves a faded black colour, it is a very true black.
Application is super quick and easy.  It leaves a gorgeous black line to the upper lash line.  The very tip of the nib is super fine and then it thickens as it goes further down.
You can use the very tip for a super thin line or lean it on its side to get a thicker line.
Here is a photo to show different types of lines you can create with this one liner.
At the top you have a thin line.
Under that a thick line.
Third down is a line showing it go from thin to thick.
And finally a medium thickness.
Using this type of applicator also makes it easy for creating a steam lined look across the upper lash line and then adding a flick at the outer corner to create a very classic cat eye look.
The wearing power of this liner was amazing.  It stayed put all day from application right through to removing it at bed time and the colour stayed strong without fading.
A bug bear of mine is when liquid liner leaves a faint line on your upper eye socket from blinking etc.  I didn't get this at all with this one.  It stayed where I applied it all day without transferring to other parts of my eye and face.
All in all really pleased with this and would definitely repurchase.
Thanks for reading,
Speak Soon,
Natalie xxx

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