Friday, 9 August 2013

REVIEW;- John Frieda Sheer Blonde Hair Mask/ Treatment

Hello everyone,

I have another review for you today but this time on a hair mask.

I don't think I have ever reviewed a hair mask before...not that I can remember anyway but do correct me if I am wrong.  The hair mask of choice for todays review is by John Frieda from there Sheer Blonde range.

John Frieda - Sheer Blonde Conditioning Hair Treatment - £5.89 - Here.

I have naturally blonde hair so any hair product targeted at Blondes is always going to be a plus for me.  This one in particular came with the added bonus of claiming to repair your hair.  Considering my hair gets quite a battering with numerous products, hair dryers and heat stylers again anything claiming to repair has its advantages.

It comes in a round basic looking tub with a screw on lid.  I quite like the basic look though, the colour of the tub gives away the fact it is aimed at blonde hair and it looks classic and chic in my bathroom cabinet.

When you open the tub its pretty full of product which is always a plus, I hate opening a tub of product to see that it is only half way full.

The product has a scent but I am no good in describing them so all I am going to say is that it is herbal like and reminds me of quite a spa scent.
I dip my fingers in and scoop out about a walnut sized chunk of product and rub it between my hands before applying this liberally through the ends of hair.  Once I am happy that all of my hair is covered in the product I then rub any remains to the top of my hair just missing my roots.  I then tie it up in a hair band on top of my head and set about relaxing in the bath.
The product instructions says to leave on your hair for 15 minutes for a deep treatment or 3-5 minutes for regular use.  I don't use this as my normal conditioner I do use it as a treatment so I sit back and relax for about 15 minutes before rinsing my hair.
As soon as I start to wash the product out of my hair I already feel the new softness to my hair and I just love that feeling.  I make sure All the product is out my hair and then get to drying.
Brushing my hair after washing is normally a task that i dread, even with a leave in conditioner it can be a a pretty difficult task but after using this product it was alot easier was over with in  a couple of minutes.
After drying my hair I was really impressed with the results.  My hair looked super healthy and shiny and had a really subtle yet noticeable gorgeous sheen to it.  My hair smelt amazing, really fresh and clean and as if I had just walked out of the hair salon.
I was really impressed at the look of my hair, even after blow drying the frizz in my hair seemed alot more tame and under control.  The feel of my hair was just lovely.  Really soft and smooth and I couldn't stop running my hands through it.
Overall a really great product that i enjoyed using and would definitely re-purchase.
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Natalie xxx

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