Friday, 9 August 2013

REVIEW:- Urban Decay - De-Slick Setting Spray

Urban Decay - De Slick Make-up setting spray - £19.50 - Here.
This is if I'm honest the first setting spray I have ever had.  I suffer with really oily skin and no matter how hard I try it just doesn't stay on my face all day like I would like it to.  I also tend to get very shiny very quickly.
As the UK has been hit with a major heat wave I decided now was as good a time as any to finally purchase a setting spray to try and set my make-up in place and keep it there as long as possible.
After reading copious reviews and youtube videos I finally settled on this one by Urban Decay.  As the name de-slick suggests it works well at keeping shiny skin at bay so a good one for you fellow oily skin girls.
I prime my face before applying make-up and then go in with what I call my base (Foundation, Concealer and powder).  I then give this a good shake and spritz it all over my face.  I do my eyes while it dries and then continue with the rest of my face (Bronzer, contour, blusher and highlighter).  Once my make-up is finished I then spritz this all over again.
The bottle is a decent sized bottle, plenty of product in there which I would expect as its not cheap at £19.50..I don't really want to be buying this overly frequently.  The product dispenses in a nice spray so you can control where it goes on your face while getting it all evenly.
It leaves a dampness on your skin but that dries super quick so no waiting around for it to settle and dry.  It doesn't leave the skin feeling sticky or residue, just a nice dry set.
I find my make-up has lasted a lot longer since I have been using this and also my skin takes longer to get its inevitable shine.
A really good product that I can't see myself without now I have got used to having it and using it on a day to day basis.
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