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REVIEW:- Organic Surge - Kiss and Make Up Facewipes

Organic Surge - Kiss and Make up Facewipes - £3.49 (20 wipes) - Here.
When it comes to face wipes I know they are not the best for your skin when it comes to removing make-up so I don't use them for that purpose normally.  The face wipes I do use are always the same Nivea ones and I use them to remove any residue on my skin left over from my make-up remover before I go onto cleansing.
For the purpose of this blog post I have used these face wipes to remove make-up as well as testing them in my normal face wipe method of use.  I have done this to help you and to make this review an all round view of the product in question.
I received these in a Beauteco Box the month before last and was intrigued by them.  I used to use different face wipes all the time and would buy what ever ones were on offer in Boots but over the past 6 months or so I have been re-purchasing the same ones time and time again because they are good, aimed and my skin type and get the job done.  When these arrived on my door step I was intrigued to see if I would like them and if they could perhaps replace my current favourites.
There from a brand I have never used before called Organic Surge.  I have heard about them on various blogging and youtube platforms but have never ventured into there products myself as they are not readily available to me and when it comes to trying a brand I have never tried before I would rather see the product before purchasing so online shopping was always a bit of a no-go.
That being said I would quite happily purchase from them now.  Just by the packaging I can tell they are a brand that would please and interest me.  These face wipes came in the same style of packaging as most face wipes but made from a different material.  I don't even know how to describe it, its just different.
The face wipes within, of which you get 20, are plain facewipes.  I'm used to ones that have a few bumps and patterns on for really grabbing dirt and debris from your skin so wasn't sure how I would like these.
The only way to tell would be to put them to the test...
Firstly I tried them at removing make-up.  I used them as the first step in my skin care routine to remove make-up from my face prior to cleansing.  While they removed make-up well on my face, they didn't do a great job on my eyes and I ended up whipping out my usual eye make-up remover in there place.  I wasn't wearing waterproof mascara or particularly tough to remove make-up just my normal every day make-up so they didn't fair well for me on that front.
I tried it this way for a few days before getting fed up and resolving back to my normal skin care routine and used these in place of my regular wipes.  I remove my eye make up first using an eye make-up remover, then use another make-up remover to remove any make up from my face.  Then face wipes come out to play and I use one to remove any residue on my skin left over from the before mentioned make-up removers before I move on to cleansing.
They did a good job at removing all residue left on my skin and picking up the odd bit of make-up left on my skin but apart from that they were at the end of the day just another facewipe.
I really enjoyed using them but they didn't stand out amongst the crowd or do any particularly special or different so I don't think these will be replacing my trusty Nivea wipes, but they have definitely sparked an interest in the Organic Surge brand so expect a haul from them very soon.
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