Thursday, 22 August 2013

REVIEW:- Origins - Modern Friction

Origins - Modern Friction - £33 - Here.
This is another product I picked up whilst shopping in London last month. I got the 125ml which was £33 but they do a smaller version which is obviously cheaper.
I use this product once a week on a Sunday before I do my Sunday face mask which is also by Origins which I bought at the same time.  Review will be up soon.
This product is aimed at being a gentle dermabrasion.  Its meant to leave your skin feeling smooth without being harsh and leaving your skin feeling sore and looking red.  You massage the product onto dry skin and then add water and work it into a lather.
The product comes out in a white liquid which if you look closely at you can see cream coloured flecks in.  Those flecks are rice particles which are the ingredient which is going to exfoliate your skin.  It smells really spa-like, that is the only way I can describe it, really fresh and organic smelling...if that makes any sense.
When you start rubbing it in to your skin it feels really thick and gloopy but it is still really easy to work with and easy to rub in.  As you rub it into your skin you can feel it getting to work on buffing away all those dead skin cells.
Add water and it turns into a lather which you continue to rub all over your skin before washing off.
After using this my skin is left feeling soft and smooth and looking more radiant and healthy.
I really love this product and it has happily made it into my skin care routine as a Sunday weekly treat.  It preps my skin for the week ahead and leaves me feeling nourished and well cared for.
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