Friday, 23 August 2013

REVIEW:- Lush Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion

Lush - Vanilla Dee-lite body lotion - £12.50 for 250g - Here.
This is another item I received for my birthday in a Lush gift box from my boyfriend Dan.  The size I received was 100g but I couldn't find that on there website so have included above the link and price for 250g one.

Vanilla Dee-lite is a really thin lotion that is quite runny so doesn’t feel as nourishing and as moisturizing as a butter but it still works well.  It leaves my skin feeling really soft and smooth and smelling great.
Because it is not as thick and as rich as a body butter it soaks into the skin really quickly without leaving a residue which makes this the perfect morning body lotion.  It applied really quick and easy and then because it soaks in so quick you can get dressed pretty much straight away.

The smell is amazing.  As you would expect from the name it smells like vanilla, but this is the kind of vanilla that I really like.  All vanillas pretty much smell the same but you can get a sweeter scent and this is definitely of the sweeter variety.  It just smells good enough to eat.
Sometimes when I smell it, it kind of reminds me of sun san lotion and the scent of sun tan lotion always puts me in a good mood and makes me feel summery so I love smelling this on my skin throughout the day.

The scent lingers fairly well on your skin, if I apply this in the morning around 7am before getting dressed I can still smell it strongly when I get to work at 9am.  The scent lingers on my skin throughout the day gradually getting less and less noticeable and then by 5pm it has gone which doesn’t bother me because I go home then anyway!

This is the first Lush body lotion I have ever tried and it has made me super excited to try more.

What ones do you recommend I give a go next?

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