Friday, 23 August 2013

REVIEW:- Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

Clinique - Bottom Lash Mascara - £12
I had wanted to try this for ages but what put me off was just the idea of it.  This is £12 and to me that is a lot of money for what I thought would just be a gimmick.  Anyway I took the plunge on my birthday on a shopping trip in London and haven’t looked back since.
Firstly the packaging…How cute.  It comes in a mini mascara wand (Like super mini).  The design is very simple but very pretty also and makes a cute little addition to any make-up bag.  The lid is shiny silver; the bottom of the tube is a matte silvery grey colour with a really delicate pattern all over it…very sweet.
Then you open it up and out pops the cutest little mascara wand you have ever seen.  Its really tiny and is sort of cone shaped so really pointy one end and then goes wide towards the bottom.
Using this to apply mascara to your bottom lashes makes the application process super easy.  The wand is small enough to get right into the inner and outer corners without getting mascara in unwanted places like the side of your nose or around your eye.
The handle is small so easy to hold and work with, not too small, just the right size and because it is not too big you can get a good grip.
After using this mascara my bottom lashes are left looking nicely spread out and even and with just the right amount of mascara applied to them…I hate having that spidery eye look.

 All in all super impressed with this and really glad I bought it.  I have used this every day since and can’t see me ever going back to using just my regular mascara to apply mascara to my bottom lashes again.  Since using this I have realised that using regular mascara misses lots of your bottom lashes out and causes the ones it does catch to clump together…not a good look.
I highly recommend this to anyone who has not tried it.
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