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BOOK REVIEW:- Hens Re-united by Lucy Diamond

Katie, Georgia and Alice were at each other’s hen nights but now the chickens have come home to roost: their marriages have fallen apart and their friendships have been tested to the limits. Control-freak Katie has become a commitment-phobe – there’s no way she wants to get married again. Is there? Ambitious Georgia always puts her career first. If anyone gets hurt, it’s their look-out – right? And faithful Alice wants to make a fresh start, but can’t get over her cheating ex – and Georgia’s betrayal. Hearts have been broken, and feathers ruffled … can the hens ever be reunited?

In this book you meet three old friends Katie, Georgia and Alice.  You firstly go back to their individual hen nights where you learn what they did, a little about who they were married to and what the girls got up to, it then easily transfers you back to the current day where you get an up to date idea of where the girls are now and what they are doing.

Katie is a control freak.  She is someone who likes to have everything under control from simple things like her daily routine right through to more substantial things like her job and her current relationship.  With one failed marriage behind her Katie now finds herself in a position where she is happy with her new boyfriend but where they are both in a time of there lives where the future comes up, more specifically a future wedding?  Without ruining it all for you Katie faces some tough decisions about whether her phobia of commitment is stronger than her love for her man.  Katie still speaks regularly and is still friends with both of the other girls, firstly Georgia.

Georgia is extremely ambitious and focused.  Another of the girls with a failed marriage behind her she now deems her career to be the be all and end all of everything.  Her family are up north but she keeps herself busy as a magazine celebrity gossip collumist in the hustle abd bustle of London.  Every excuse she can make to not go home she will until something happens that calls for her to go home immediatly.  Whilst she is back up north with her family a few home truths come out about the real reasons she doesn't visit more regularly and when she returns home to London she sees things in a brand new light and wants to make some serious changes, starting with her no longer existent relationship with one of her oldest friends Alice.

Alice is a new mother and also newly single.  Married to a famous actor and after finding out about his cheating ways Alice has moved back in with her parents on a temporary basis.  we meet Alice a few months after all of this has happened when she is moving in to a small cottage of her own.  She finds herself on her own for the first time ever and struggles to deal with the loneliness of it, her past and also the close-knit village she now finds herself living in.

Each girl experiences some home truths through out the book and they each learn a lot about themselves and there relationships along the way.  Will Alice survive the nosy neighbors of her village?  Will Georgia realize that some things are more important than a career? Will Katie realize that her fear of commitment is purely down to her previous failed marriage and that not all men are bad?  And finally will the girls ever all be friends again?

I don't want to give too much away and without going into masses of detail I really really enjoyed this book.  It didn't take me long to read it and I came to love each and every one of the girls.  I found myself feeling happy and pleased for them when something went well, crying real tears when things went a little off track and screaming at them when I wanted them to see something that was staring them in the face but they still couldn't see.

Lucy Diamond writes with a realness to stories, a genuine and funny manner makes her reads light and enjoyable dealing with real life subjects in a relatable manor.

Whenever I am reading one of her books I find myself struggling to put them down and when I have finished I can't wait to get onto the next one.

I really enjoyed this book and recommend it highly!

Thanks for reading,

Speak Soon,

Natalie xxx

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