Thursday, 9 August 2012

OPI - Germany Collection

Hi Everyone,

So I am spending the morning today doing blog type things, trying to set it up and getting it looking all pretty but I thought I would do a blog post first.

Yesterday brought along an anticipated release date for all nail polish fanatics.  OPI released their latest collection of colours aptly named the Germany Collection.  The collection consists of 12 colours in total all with a German based name.  The colours range from pale pink and nude, through to dark blues, purples, reds and finishing on a bright yellow/Green colour.

I myself am a huge fan of not only nail colour in general but OPI specifically so this was an exciting release for me and while I havn't yet got my hands on a bottle I can't see it being much longer until I have made a cheeky purchase or two.

See below for a photo of the entire collection care of

Have any of you tried this new collection yet? Whats your favourite colour?  What colour will you be purchasing first?

Please feel free to leave a comment.

Speak Soon,
Natalie xxx


  1. Trade Secrets Called me last night to say this collection was excited to check it out in person tmr..Hopefully I will be nice to my wallet and just buy 1 or 2:) xx

    Sara (Smiling new follower)

    1. Thank you for following. I may purchase a mini collection, then I'm being kind to my purse and still get to try 4 of the colours from the new collection :) Cheeky lol xx