Saturday, 12 January 2013

Products of the day - 12/01/2013

Hi everyone,

Got a new type of post for you today called products of the day! It will be a very quick post with one photo showing you the products I have chosen for my evening bath time!  I won't be going into massive detail about the products just a quick explanation of the products I have chosen.

Before I go into it and tell you the products just a quick explanation, I have very sensitive legs.  Bit weird I know but if I use any heavily scented products they come out in a rash which should explain a couple of the products below which are specifically for my legs as they are products targeted at sensitive skin.   Currently these products get used every day as they are the only ones I have for sensitive skin but as they seem to be working for my legs I am on the hunt for more so I can change it up everyday.

Now without further ado lets get onto today's products.

From left to right I have chosen:- simple body wash (for my legs), foam call body wash from soap and glory (for the rest of my body), The Scrub of your Life by Soap and Glory to exfoliate with, Boots Natural Collection Strawberry Bath Cream (to put in the bath), next to that is the Garnier Intense 7 day moisture lotion for sensitive skin (for use on legs after the bath) and finally Boots Extracts Mango body lotion for the rest of my body.

That's it for today's Products of the Day, I don't know if this will be an every day post on the blog but I just thought it was a nice quick extra little something for you all to read!

Thanks for reading,

Speak soon
Natalie xxx


  1. I have nominated you!


  2. I'm currently using the s&g scrub - it's great!