Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Products of the day - 16/01/2013

Hi Everyone,

Got another products of the day post for you today, like I explained in my previous one these will just be quick blog posts to show you the products I have chosen to use that day, these won't be every day blog posts just when I feel the need to share.

I had a pretty hectic day at work today so decided to cheer myself up by having a bath using some of the products I have from Soap and Glory that are all from the same scent family.

So going through the products left to right we have:-

  • S&G Calm one Calm All bubble bath - Obviously for use in the bath
  • Simple Nourishing Body wash - For my legs (As explained in previous product of the day post)
  • S&G Clean on me body wash - For the rest of my body
  • Garnier Intense 7 day body lotion for sensitive skin - Again for my legs
  • S&G The Righteous Butter - For the rest of my body
Sorry about the photos we are waiting for our bathroom to be decorated hence the plaster on the wall, I will try and work out a better place for taking these photos but at the moment you will just have to put up with it.

Thanks for reading,

Speak Soon
Natalie xxx


  1. I love S&G products! Especially the righteous butter, definitely leaves my skin super soft xx

    1. Me to, I love it, my favourite all time product I think. Just love the scent of it, and all the other products that smell the same, keep sniffing myself once I have used it LOL.