Monday, 19 August 2013

Beauteco Box - August 2013

Hello Everyone,

It's that time of the month latest Beauteco box has arrived and I want to share with you what I have received.

It was another great box this month with 3 full sized products and two samples.  All for the cost of £10 plus £2.95 for postage and packaging.

Firstly the box came beautifully packaged as always.  This month I had bright blue tissue paper wrapping everything and then the shredded paper within the box was yellow so a lovely summery coloured box.  As always you get a 'Hello' card telling you what you have within the box.
The first product I received was this Lavender and Tea Tree Facial Gel wash from Arran Aromatics.  A brand I have never heard of before so excited to give this a try.  I am a little apprehensive as my skin care routine is fairly stuck in cement now and the products I am using seem to be working well so don't want to start using this if it is going to cause problems but at the same time I do want to test it out for you lot.
This is a full size product and it is 100ml which retails at £12.95 so just this product alone is the cost of the box, everything else is extra.  You can see it here.
The second full size product I received was this gorgeous looking lip pencil.  Its by the brand Lord & Berry which I have heard of but have never tried before so really excited to give this a go.  It is in the colour blossom which looks like a gorgeous light berry red type colour.
This is a full size product but I can't seem to find the price but when I do I will add it.
 The third and final full size product was this Lord & Berry lipstick.  I love the look of this colour, it looks like a truly lovely peachy nude so I can't wait to give this a try.  Again I'm not sure of the price but when I find it I will pop it in.
One of the sample sized products I received was this Melvita orange water.  I am really intrigued by this as I don't fully understand it.  I haven't researched any of these products yet, this is just my first impressions but when I review them I will of course go into each in more detail.
I believe this is a step in your skin care routine, I'm just not sure what step it is and what it does.  Either way really intriguing and I am excited to use it.

 Another product I am really excited to use is this S5 calm serum and is also the final sample sized product in this months box.  A serum is probably the one step in my skincare routine that is missing and although I don't think this one is targeted at me and my skin I think it will be a good chance to give a serum a go.
That's everything I received in this months box.
Thanks for reading,
Speak Soon,
Natalie xxx

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