Tuesday, 6 August 2013

REVIEW:- Soap & Glry - The Breakfast Scrub

Hello Everyone,

Today I have a review of a product from one of my all time favourite brands...Soap & Glory.  The soap & Glory products always smell incredible, have cute kitsch packaging and never fail to deliver and this one is no exception.

The breakfast scrub comes is a large rounded plastic tub with a cute pink lid.  It is full of good things to scrub all over your skin to leave it super soft and subtle.

The first thing I'm going to talk about is one of my favourite things about this particular product...the smell.  OMG it smells incredible.  It smells just like Maple Syrup so if your not a fan then I wouldn't recommend this product to you.  I find it hard not to dip my finger in and then lick it clean...seriously, it smells that delicious.


It is full of Oats, Shea Butter, Bananas, almond, honey extracts, bio scrubs and much more.  The tub is full of product so you will get many uses from this bad boy.
The scrub is super thick and grainy so I wouldn't recommend this for an every day use exfoliator, it is more like a weekly treatment.  I use it either with my hands or on an exfoliating glove if my skin is feeling super dry and in need of some replenishing.
It does feel a little scratchy on the skin but I personally really like that as it feels like its working and doing its job.  I use this either in the bath or in the shower.  I use this first all over and really work it into the skin especially on drier areas.
Once I feel its all worked in I rinse it off with water and then follow with my body wash using my regular body puff and then follow with a rinse to make sure all the little grains are removed from my skin.
When I get out I either just dry, pop on some moisturizer and I'm good to go.
Once I have used this product my skins is left ever so delicately scented with the super sweet scent of Maple syrup but most off all left feeling extremely soft.
It leaves my skin soft, subtle, nourished and conditioned, a feeling I will never tire of.
You can get this product from Boots for £8 but I normally wait until Soap & Glory are on 3 for 2 (as they so often are) and then really indulge in the pretty girly world of the Soap & Glory isle.
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  1. There was a lot of bloggers raving about this scrub I had to buy it and was so glad that I was not disappointed! I love it - esp the smell!